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Mold needs moisture. It doesn’t take long for a house or business to become contaminated with mold after some sort of water intrusion or event. Mold can spread rapidly and possibly emit allergens and irritants that may trigger health concerns.

Healthy Home is a professional mold removal service company. While our remediation techniques follow ANSI/IICRC S520 and EPA guidelines, our proprietary products and technologies allow us to typically remediate with less invasive techniques.

We offer services that are FAST, AFFORDABLE, EFFECTIVE, and ECO-FRIENDLY. In many cases, we are able to preserve building materials, saving you time and money. Our plant-based and EPA-registered product doesn’t kill the mold on surfaces and in the air but breaks down the entire mold spore removing all allergenic properties of even dead mold spores. We will not introduce harsh chemicals into your environment or unnecessarily tear out building materials. Our product will penetrate hard-to-reach areas and continue to work several days after we’re gone. To establish an overall healthier indoor environment, our goal is to obtain a normal fungal ecology in your home, office, or building.

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Microscopic mold spores are everywhere, so it is impossible to remove all of them from the environment. Companies that guarantee to remove all molds can’t live up to their promise since mold is naturally occurring.

Consider the facts:

Mold is present both indoors and outdoors.
Mold spores are microscopic. They float in the air and collect on surfaces. They can enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems, or even by clinging to your clothing or pets.
When exposed to water, mold spores can quickly grow into colonies.
Mold remediation is only effective when every source of moisture is taken care of first. Otherwise, it usually returns.
Mold often produces a strong, putrid smell and can lead to possible increased contamination.
Indoor humidity supports mold growth. A rule of thumb is to keep indoor humidity between 40 and 50 percent.


The Science Behind

Our Mold Solution

Having mold contamination in your home doesn’t mean you must spray harsh chemicals and deconstruct your property. Your home and health are top priorities to us. This is why we use plant-based products that can also preserve more building materials, while removing mold in an eco-friendly manner.

Our mold remediation product contains enzymes. Each enzyme has a unique function according to different substrates. The enzymes not only kill the mold but continue to work over time to break down mold spores into common amino acids without any allergenic properties.

Why do we use

Enzymes are important to break down the allergenic protein structures into harmless amino acids. Healthy Home Solutions offers a professional mold remediation service that fulfills the ANSI/IICRC standards. We utilize our effective proprietary disinfectants and fungicides to kill bacteria and mold.

Mold and fungal spores have different components. Each component breaks down at a certain stage. This is where the enzymes come into play.

Amylase: Amylase dissolves the mold’s outer membrane into simple sugar cells.
Lipase: Our formula uses lipase that helps break down the fatty lipids inside and between the mold membranes.
Protease: The protease enzymes work on the allergenic proteins at the nucleus of mold cells. It completely eliminates the presence of mold in the air.

Our EPA registered a plant-based solution that is catalytic, which means it continues to work and kill mold spores, even after we finish our service.


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Our Process

We Attack the Source of Mold at the

Molecular Level

While following ANSI/IICRC S520 and EPA guidelines, our innovative mold remediation process directly attacks the source of the problem to eradicate the spores at the molecular level. Our goal is to improve the health of your indoor environment.

Our professional mold remediation process is comprehensive and effective. When you need your mold eradicated fast and affordably, Healthy Home Solutions gets the job done.

Assessment and Testing

First, we conduct a preliminary visual assessment of your home, business, or building to make sure the source of any moisture is identified.
Second, as you cannot rely on what you see or smell to conclusively ascertain the presence of mold, it is usually recommended to perform air quality testing to confirm the presence of mold and the specific levels of any airborne contamination.
We follow Indoor Environmental Standards Organization mold testing methods and procedures which require the submission of our samples to an independent microbial laboratory for a comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Mold Remediation Strategy

The air quality test identifies the mold, the concentration level of mold spores, and the extent of the contamination. Based on the results, we will formulate a specific, personalized plan for your home, including a quote for mold remediation if appropriate. We will discuss the situation with you and explain our recommended strategy so that you understand what will be done.

Mold Remediation Strategy

The air quality test identifies the mold, the concentration level of mold spores, and the extent of the contamination. Based on the results, we will formulate a specific, personalized plan for your home, including a quote for mold remediation if appropriate. We will discuss the situation with you and explain our recommended strategy so that you understand what will be done.

Mold Treatment

Our licensed and/or certified technicians utilize a multifaceted approach to restore a building’s indoor environment to a state of normal fungal ecology. While scenarios may vary from project to project, the underlying protocol follows guidelines from the ANSI/IICRC S520 and EPA. Using our proprietary EPA registered product, we can restore and preserve more building materials than conventional remediators. Our approach is fast, affordable, effective, and eco-friendly. Your home, office, or building will be restored to a fresher and more breathable space without the use of harsh chemicals.

Post-Treatment Testing

Our mold remediation process is considered complete once an optional post-treatment test confirms that we’ve successfully reduced the spore count in your indoor environment. We are happy to arrange for a third party to collect an air quality sample to give you that additional peace of mind.


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Our team utilizes advanced techniques and cutting-edge equipment to identify and eliminate mold from your property. Whether you’re dealing with visible mold or suspect hidden growth, our thorough mold inspection services can pinpoint the problem areas and provide targeted solutions. Mold remediation is not a one-size-fits-all process. That’s why we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of your home. From containment and removal to sanitization and prevention, we take a comprehensive approach to mold remediation to ensure long-lasting results.

We prioritize the health and safety of our clients. That’s why we strictly adhere to industry standards and guidelines throughout the mold removal process. You can trust us to handle your mold problem with professionalism and care. Don’t let mold compromise the comfort and safety of your home. Contact Healthy Home Solutions of CT today for reliable mold removal services in Connecticut. Let us help you breathe easier and enjoy a healthier living environment.