The Ultimate Value in

Whole Room Disinfection.

A new standard for whole room disinfection by providing the most effective and affordable solution on the market. A proprietary hydrogen peroxide disinfectant formula proven to kill 99.9999% of C. difficile spores, along with a broad range of other pathogens, including the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19).


Halosil’s HaloMist™ has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on hard, non-porous surfaces. Therefore, HaloMist™ can be used against COVID-19 when used as directed for use against small non-enveloped viruses including Feline Calicivirus (surrogate for Norovirus) and Minute virus of mice (MVM) on hard, non-porous surfaces. Refer to the CDC website at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus for additional information.

The Halo Disinfection System® – Hospital Grade Disinfection

Eliminating the Risk that a Less Effective Disinfectant Solution Leaves Behind

Everywhere people live, work and gather is a place for community-acquired infections to exist and thrive. Factors like occupancy, hours of operation and availability of downtime for cleaning, all combine to allow pathogens to spread throughout a room and potentially infect their occupants and visitors. The Halo Disinfection System® is designed to address the many challenges that can limit solution in whole room disinfection available today.

Halosil’s Halo Disinfection System® pairs HaloMist™, a proprietary broad spectrum disinfectant, with the HaloFogger® to ensure the uniform, dry fogging delivery of disinfectant throughout any complex space, achieving complete coverage with the highest possible efficacy on the market today.

Benefits of Whole Room Disinfection using the Halo Disinfection System:

COVERAGE – Variations in procedures carried out by humans coupled with the inability to wipe in hard-to-reach areas and the lack of uniform coverage makes manual disinfection the least comprehensive method to treat a room. The effectiveness of UV systems for disinfection is limited by line of sight factors and the distance between a surface and the light source. The Halo Disinfection System delivers complete coverage, no exceptions. Every exposed surface in a room is treated with aerosolized disinfectant fog for the most thorough coverage in ‘whole room’ disinfection.
EFFICACY – ‘Almost disinfected’ simply isn’t enough. Manual disinfection and UV systems cannot match the EPA validated 6-log kill efficacy (99.9999%) of the Halo Disinfection System.
AFFORDABILITY – The Halo Disinfection System provides the ultimate value in whole room disinfection with an affordable per application treatment cost and the ability to eliminate spiraling costs associated with community acquired infections.
SAFETY – Halo™ Disinfectants are comprised entirely of elements found naturally in our environment, and break down into oxygen and water. The system’s proprietary formula offers greater thermal stability and efficacy than hydrogen peroxide alone.

Claims Against the Emerging Viral Pathogen COVID-19:

Halosil’s HaloMistTM has demonstrated effectiveness on hard, non-porous surfaces against viruses similar to the virus that causes Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Therefore, HaloMist can be used against this novel virus, now called SARS-CoV-2, when used in accordance with the HaloMist directions for use against the small non-enveloped viruses Feline Calicivirus (surrogate for Norovirus) and Minute virus of Mice (MVM) on hard, nonporous surfaces.

Refer to the CDC website at for additional information. Halosil International Inc., the registrant, may begin communicating these statement(s) upon notification on the CDC website of an outbreak of an emerging small non-enveloped (or an emerging large non-enveloped and/or enveloped viral pathogen).

The registrant shall cease and remove all such non-label communications intended for consumers no later than 24 months after the original notification of the outbreak on the CDC website, unless the agency provides guidance to the contrary due to continued public health concerns.

The emerging pathogen claim language may remain on the HaloMist Master Label registered with the EPA.

The Science Behind the Disinfection: Complex Synergistic Chemistry


Halosil’s proprietary formula combines hydrogen peroxide and silver synergistically, releasing highly reactive free radicals that immediately begin to attack the cell membrane of the targeted microorganism. This weakens the cell and allows the silver ions to enter. Together, the silver and hydrogen peroxide destroy the microorganism by:

Attacking and disrupting the cell membrane.

Binding to the enzymes causing denaturation.

Binding to the DNA to stop replication.

During the process, hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen gas, which creates a highly toxic environment for anaerobes. This completes the active disinfection process. When used on surfaces, Halosil Disinfectant requires no rinsing. Halosil itself decomposes into water and oxygen, and contains no chlorinated or brominated ingredients.

Benefits of the Halosil Product Suite

Innovative Science Outperforms Commodity Disinfectants

Hydrogen peroxide has long been used as an anti-microbial agent. The Halosil formula contains hydrogen peroxide, which, in conjunction with other proprietary raw materials, is converted into an entirely new material.

So, while a basic hydrogen peroxide disinfectant has limited killing mechanisms, efficacy, and stability, Halosil is a multi-mechanistic, extremely stable, broad-spectrum product. Halosil is the only product available today that delivers the effectiveness you demand with the business attributes that can be realized almost immediately. 

A New Standard in Disinfection